Mark Zoller Attends Travelers Agent Leadership Program in Hartford, CT

Atlas Insurance Brokers - Rochester, MN


Mark Zoller, Marketing Manager of Atlas Insurance Brokers LLC, attended the Travelers Agent Leadership Program last week at Travelers Insurance headquarters in Hartford, CT. In addition to learning all about Travelers, attendees got to tour Travelers’ Claims University division, which includes the Risk Control laboratory, where they perform a host of tests to help determine the cause of loss on claims and identify risks. Claims University also houses dozens of different vehicle and property scenarios that feature physical homes and cars in the warehouse for adjusters to practice on.

Travelers is one of the many top rated insurance carriers offered by Atlas Insurance Brokers LLC.
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Here are just a few pictures from the event.


Downtown Hartford, CT

Travelers Claims University

Claims University Training Room

Travelers Risk Control Lab Warehouse

Risk Control Lab Warehouse

Travelers Risk Control Laboratory

Travelers Risk Control Laboratory

Travelers Risk Control Lab Steam Testing Facility

Risk Control Lab Steam Testing Facility


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