What Is An Umbrella Insurance Policy – With Taylor Gilbert

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What is an umbrella insurance policy?Video transcript:

Why should you carry an umbrella liability policy?

An umbrella liability policy helps protect your assets if either your auto or your home policy pays out all available liability insurance.

So if you have an auto claim or a home liability claim and your policy pays out…let’s says it’s half a million dollars…but you had purchased an additional umbrella policy, [which] start off at a million dollars [in] base coverage…in essence you would have 1.5 million dollars of liability coverage…[to] help protect your personal assets if you were  in a serious legal battle.
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About Taylor Gilbert
About Taylor Gilbert
Taylor has been a licensed agent since 2010. He started as a financial adviser with New England Securities. In his spare time, he enjoys watching and playing hockey as well as participating in 5k’s and other running events. He is originally from Antigo, WI but has lived in Rochester since 2010.

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