Tips for Storing Your Car Over Winter

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Tips for Storing Your Car Over Winter

Clean It Up

Thoroughly wash the car to remove any bird droppings or other materials that could damage your paint. Wash the wheels and undersides as best you can to remove mud & tar.

Don’t forget to clean the interior, making sure to remove any organic material (think French fries between the seats) and condition any leather.

Change the Oil

It’s a good idea to put in fresh oil as the used oil will have contaminants that could build up over the months.

Fill ‘Er Up

Fill the tank to help prevent moisture and add a fuel stabilizer. It’s also a good idea to run the engine for a few minutes after adding the stabilizer to ensure it gets throughout the fuel system.

Check the Parking Brake

Don’t use the parking brake when putting your car in storage for extended periods of time. Sometimes you’ll find you can’t release it come spring. If you’re concerned about movement, you can use a tire stopper.

Keep it Charged

Over time, the battery will lose its charge. Either disconnect the battery cables, or attach a battery tender device.

Keep Critters Away

Spread some mothballs around the perimeter of the vehicle and set a few mousetraps.

Mind the Tires

If possible, putting the vehicle on jack stands is a good idea to preserve tire integrity. Otherwise, make sure the tires are inflated to the recommended pressure.

Cover it

Throw a car cover over your vehicle to help prevent minor scrapes, spills, and dings over the long winter.

Keep Insurance Protection

While you won’t require liability coverage when in storage, comprehensive is a must to protect from vandalism, fire, and collapse. If possible, keep collision coverage to protect from impact with a moving object or if the vehicle falls off its jack stands.

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