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Homeowners insurance coverage designed specifically for high value homes.

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High Value Home Insurance

High value homes are often uniquely crafted with custom features and high end materials. High value home insurance is designed specifically for these types of properties and their owners. At Atlas, we offer several insurance companies that work exclusively with high net worth individuals. Contact us to get more info.


Coverage Options

Guaranteed Replacement Cost – Restores your home to it’s original condition, even if it costs more than the home is insured for.

Cash Settlement Option – If your home is destroyed, you can choose to receive a cash settlement rather than rebuild.

Risk Analysis Services – Risk advisers will visit your home to conduct a thorough review and provide advice to lower your risks.

Replacement Cost Coverage – If personal property is damaged or destroyed, you’ll receive the amount it costs to replace that property with new.

And more – There are ample coverage options available depending on your needs and personal risk profile.

Additional Coverage Options

Personal Liability Umbrella

Jewelry, Art, & Collections


Classic & Antique Vehicles

Cyber Coverage

Worldwide Travel Coverage

Insurance Companies

High Net Worth Only Carriers:

Berkley One


Pure Insurance

Carriers with High Net Worth Options:

Travelers Insurance

Cincinnati Insurance

Encompass Insurance

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